Washington State’s Standing on “Mary Marts” and How to Shop Them

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In Washington State, it is legal to buy and use small quantities of marijuana for both recreational and medical use. If you live here, you can shop any of the dispensaries so long as you have a card stipulating that it is legal for you to do so. Recreational use is limited to adults over the age of 21. Minors who are prescribed medical marijuana can only use it under the watchful eye of an adult caregiver.

How to Shop a Weed Dispensary in Washington State

Have a valid ID and be over 21 before you enter the dispensary. Choose three ounces flower bud, 48 ounces of solid infused product, 1.69 gallons of marijuana-infused liquids or 21g of marijuana concentrates. These are the limitations for every customer that walks into a weed dispensary in Washington State.

It may be possible to buy a combination of the products so long as you are staying within the limits of the law. If the marijuana is for a minor, a medical marijuana document must be presented before the products can be sold. If you are attempting to buy from a Washington dispensary as an out-of-state visitor, your state must also have legal marijuana in your home state.

The Recreational Marijuana Has Different Rules

For adults looking to purchase recreational marijuana, the restrictions are a little different than medical use. Be sure to check the rules before purchasing. The amounts allowed for recreational use are not anything like the amounts allowed for medical use.

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